Wollumbin Gourmet Mushrooms

Fruited Naturally in the forest

Wollumbin Gourmet Mushrooms is a small home business located near Mt Warning (Wollumbin) in Northern NSW.
Wollumbin (Mt Warning) is situated just south of the Queensland / New South Wales border about 30 minutes from Coolangatta Airport. The local climate is almost ideal for fruiting mushrooms naturally with good amounts of rain, lots of natural forest thus creating a lovely warm humid environment. We grow a wide variety of seasonal and micro seasonal gourmet mushrooms like Shimeji, Shiitake, King Oyster, Blue Oyster, White Oyster, and Pink Oyster mushrooms. We strive to fruit all our mushrooms as naturally as possible, outside in their natural environment whilst keeping them cultivated and not foraged. We believe in minimal impact on the environment and even place our logs and growing areas around and between the trees within the forest. We make all our own cultures and spawn for the production of our Shiitake Mushroom Logs and for the cultivation bags. We also make excess cultivation bags and sell them as “Grow at home gourmet mushroom kits”. We offer a wide variety of grow at home gourmet mushroom kits and spawn for the avid fungi or gardening enthusiast to produce their own mushrooms, and we regularly hold workshops for you to learn how to grow gourmet mushrooms. Our products include:

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Where to find Me

Expos and Garden Shows

At the garden shows and expos I will have my popular Shiitake Logs and Gourmet Mushroom Kits as well as spawn and workshop information.

Weekly Farmers Markets

All these Farmers Markets are still open and available for your convienece during COVID-19, special precautions have been implemented

At the farmers I will have all my seasonal outdoor grown gourmet mushrooms for sale as well as my delicious smoked mushrooms as well as the odd Shiitake Log, Gourmet Mushroom Kit, spawn and workshop information.

Workshops - upcoming

Below are the upcoming workshops:

Workshop! - Growing Mushrooms On Straw - Saturday 15th August 2020 - bookings not yet open

Learn how to grow mushrooms on straw using pre prepared mushroom spawn. You will even make your own mushroom kit to take home. You will prepare the substrates, pasteurise the substrates and then pack and inoculate the substrates. This is a short but intense hands on workshop. Growing mushrooms at home is so very enjoyable. Download the workshop flyer for more details and bookings can be made through this website. Once booked You will receive an email from me at my earliest convienience with address and further info.
Cost is $130pp early bird price

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Download Instructions - Grow Bags and Logs:

Please read instructions carefully.

Shimeji Grow bag InstructionsDownload - Shimeji
King Oyster Grow bag InstructionsDownload - King Oyster
White Oyster Grow bag InstructionsDownload - White Oyster
Blue Oyster Grow bag InstructionsDownload - Blue Oyster
Pink Oyster Or Yellow Oyster Grow bag InstructionsDownload - Pink Oyster / Yellow Oyster
Tan Oyster Grow bag InstructionsDownload - Tan Oyster
Shiitake Grow bag InstructionsDownload - Shiitake Grow bag
Shiitake LOG InstructionsDownload - Shiitake Logs


Email: info@wollumbingourmetmushrooms

Website: wollumbingourmetmushrooms.com.au

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